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Registration consultation:

Tel: 0931-8456217 / 400-1111-042 (working hours: 9:00-17:30 on weekdays)

(If you are busy with the phone, please directly ask questions directly at the official website feedback, we will provide you with a reply as soon as possible.)

Marketing Department (Corporate Cooperation Consulting):

Contact: Mr. Cheng

Contact: 13893666377

E-mail: 371447654@qq.com

Contact: Miss.Guyue Hu

Contact: 13606096693 18210087379

Lanzhou International Marathon Organizing Committee contact information

Administration Department: 0931-8440895

Competition Department: 0931-8481572

Market Operation Department: 0931-8456217

News Propaganda Department: 0931-8481231

Group Activity Department: 0931-8481265

Medical and Health Protection Department: 0931-8440118

Food and Drug Safety Department: 0931-8452445 Volunteer Department: 0931-8183267

Logistics Support Department: 0931-8440803

Reception Service Department: 0931-8481270 City Environment Improvement Department: 0931-8452522