Notice of Traffic Control and Shuttle Pick-up During in “Bank of Lanzhou Cup” 2019 Lanzhou International Marathon

In order to ensure the safety and success of “Bank of Lanzhou Cup” 2019 Lanzhou International Marathon, we now announcing the issue regarding traffic control and shuttle pick-up.


Traffic Control

“Bank of Lanzhou Cup” 2019 Lanzhou International Marathon will be held on June 2nd. In order to ensure the safety and success of the race, the following traffic managements will be implemented according to <The Provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law of The People’s Republic of China>.

1. Starting from 5:30am on June 2nd, the North Binhe Read(Chengguan Yellow River Bridge – Yantan Yellow River Bridge) and Jinyan Yellow River Bridge will be closed.

2. Starting from 6:00am June 2nd, the following road and bridge will be closed:

(1) The North Binhe Road (Yantan Yellow River Bridge – Xisha Yellow River Bridge)

(2) The South Binhe Road (Yantan Yellow River Road – Xiuchuan Gas Station)

(3) The North Jinchang Road (Guangwumen Crossroad – The North Entry of Jinchang Road)

(4) The East Anning Road (The North Qilihe Yellow River Bridge – Zhipeichang T-junction)

(5) Yantan, Jinyan Chengguan, Yuantong, Xiaoxihu, Qilihe, Yintan, Shenan Yellow River Bridges.

Any vehicles (including buses) would be prohibited to pass through the listed roads and bridges during announced time, except vehicles with the permit of “Bank of Lanzhou Cup” 2019 Lanzhou International Marathon.

Kindly Reminder: All sections of the North Ring Road, Xisha Bridge, the South Ring Road, the South ring Expressway and the South Binhe Road can be used as detour routes. The traffic control of each section will be lifted based on the progress of the race. We propose that all residents may use more green transportations during the event. We are sorry about the inconvenience of transportation due to the traffic control, and hoping you could understand and support us.

Shuttle Pick-up

The traffic control will be implemented on some roads in Lanzhou on June 2nd, so we recommend that athletes attend the marathon by shuttle. The Lanzhou public traffic group will open 3 free temporary shuttle lines, with 230 special buses during the marathon. Participants can attend and leave the marathon by public bus in Lanzhou city (excluding the buses in the new district) for free with the number bibs.

Participants can take public transportation for free with the relevant certificates during the marathon.

During the event, all participants can take all the bus in the city (excluding the buses in the new district) for free with their marathon uniform and number bibs. When taking the bus, participants need to show the number bib and other relevant documents to the driver or the stuff to cooperate with the inspection.


2.Provide 3 Free Temporary Shuttle Lines

1.  Free Shuttle Line 1 (Xizhan Cross Road→The South Chengguan Yellow River)

(1)Stops: Xizhan Cross Road, Qilihe Bridge, Trafic Group, Xihu Park, Xiguan Crossroad, Zhongshan Bridge, Shiwei, Shizhengfu, The South Chengguan Bridge.

(2)Number of Launched Shuttle: 120

(3) Operating Time: (4:40am-6:30am)

2. Free shuttle line 2 (Peili Square Chengguan Yellow River Bridge)

(1) Stops: Peili Square, Shilidian, Xingfuxiang, North of Qilihe Yellow River Bridge, Luojiu Highway, Traffic Advertisement Company, The Middle North Binghe Road, Longyuan, Jinchengguan, Baita mountain park, Shieryuan, Music Fountain, Chengguan Yellow River Bridge

(2) Number of Launched Shuttle: 60

(3) Operating Time: 4:40am-6:30am

3. Free shuttle line 3 (Tianshui Road TanjianziEnd of Yantan Yellow River Bridge)

(1) Stops: Tianshui Road Tanjianzi (Opposite of Yantan Park), Province Government, North of Tianshui Road, Yantan Yellow River Bridge, End of Yantan Yellow River Bridge

(2) Number of Launched Shuttle: 50

(3) Operating Time: 4:40am-6:30am

Kindly Reminder: In order to ensure the successful participation of all competitors, please understand the road and bus conditions in detail and make arrange in advance. Due to the strict traffic control on the day of marathon, we suggest athletes to take the shuttle instead of driving to the main venue of the event.