Announcement about small size aircraft controls

2019 Lanzhou International Marathon, hosted by CAA, Gansu Sports Bureau, Lanzhou City Government, is going to held on June 2nd. During the competition, helicopters of both Lanzhou police and CCTV will be in the sky the whole time for security and aerial photography reason. In order to guarantee the flying mission and security of the race, the city is now having control on small flying aircrafts. The details are shown below:

1. Between June 1st 0:00 to June 3rd 0:00, 2019, any company, organization and person in Chenguan, Qilihe, Anning Area are not allowed to have any kinds of sports, entertaining, advertising or other flying activity.

2. In the control period, any kinds of kite, Kongming Lantern, balloon and other small aircraft who fly against rules will be force to land by the police. The cooperation or person will be punished according to “Civil Aviation Law of the People's Republic of China”, “Basic Rules of Flight of the People's Republic of China”, and “Interim Regulations on Flight Management of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”

3. Small aircraft in this documents refers to aerial vehicles or flutters that have small altitude, speed and object, including Gliders, drones, paraglides, powered parachutes, hot air balloons, airships, delta wings, air balloons, etc. Flying activities refer to flying kites, Kongming lanterns, homing pigeons, balloons.

4. People can report to government if there are aircrafts breaching the rules. Report phone: 0931-5167229

Lanzhou Police Office                       

May. 23rd 2019