“Bank of Lanzhou Cup” 2019 Lanzhou International Marathon Track Scenic Spots

Lanzhou, a famous city in the west of China.To improve this city,

Never left a river, a book, a bowl of noodles, and a marathon.

And the proudest thing for Lanzhou people

For Lanzhou marathoners,

Gathering in Lanzhou on June,

Will be an extraordinary experience of running!

“Bank of Lanzhou Cup” 2019 Lanzhou international Marathon will start in June 2nd. 

Lanzhou marathon is the only race which surrounding the Yellow River, the 42.195 km scenic spots will make the participants enjoy the Yellow River and the Iron bridge! Made the trip worthy and make the runners enjoy the special charm of Lanzhou.



At the beginning of the track, we will across the Lanzhou Yellow River “First Rainbow Bridge” – Yantan Yellow river bridge. At the past of Lanzhou marathon, this is the best place on the bridge to pictured brilliant moments by aerial photo, photographers, and media.



When we are crossing the Gansu Provincial Geological Museum, Sports park, Jinyan Bridge, Waterwheel Park, etc.  

The Waterwheels Park as the “leader” in the history with the deep and long cultural contents. It is showing the scenic of 500 years ago. The waterwheel park is combined with waterwheel park, waterwheel square, and cultural square which is the park to show the waterwheels culture. Lanzhou people drink Yellow river water, singing for the Yellow River, and enjoying the Yellow River. Arriving at the Waterwheels park means you have arrived at the 4-km point. The Family run and health run athletes will turn left to the Jinchang in 800 meters and end their race.



Some said, there are many marathons, and Lanzhou’s citizens are the warmest. This time you can measure the distance by feet and hear the craziest shout of Lanzhou marathon. 

About 7 km, left side will be the Lanzhou Old Bridge – Zhongshan Iron Bridge. This bridge is called “the First bridge” on the Yellow River. This bridge has witnessed changes and history. 500 meters ahead, there will see the cable cars upward. 



“Mother of Yello river” is the landscape of Lanzhou. The status is described as a “mother” and a “baby-boy” on the base. The “mother” is watching the child full of love. This status is a metaphor which means the Yellow River is the mother, and who feed millions of Chinese “children” to grow up. 

At this time, the race is from Chengguan district to the Qilihe district and reached the 8.5 km. 

Some said, if you haven’t seen “mother of Yellow river”, then you are equal to never be Lanzhou. As a runner of Lanzhou marathon, it should be really proud because of this running, “the Mother Yellow river” will cheer for you.  



At 14 km point, the runners will across the Lily Park, the biggest park square in Lanzhou with the same name of Lanzhou especially –lily. The park which has large grassland, flowers and the fancy path became a great place to go in recreation time for the citizens. 

From the 17 km, runners will step on the Yintan Yellow river bridge. This bridge is the first modern cable-stayed bridge. It looks like a grand silver dragon on the Yellow River. Here is a note for the runners, although the scenery is beautiful, do not stay here for a long time. 



After across the Yintan Yello river bridge, the runners will arrive the south of the Binhe road to the north of the Binhe road. At this stage, the runners will across the Chinese Cultural and Humanistic Park, this means the runners come to the marathon turning point and returning. 

The Chinese Cultural and Humanistic Park is mainly showed a statue of Fuxi and Nvwa. They are smiling and wearing the Oliver branch and point to the sky, which means the inherent and continues of the Chinese culture. It is also representing the continuation of the Yellow river elephant, Dadiwan Ruins, ancient pottery culture, Fuxi culture, and other historical legacies.



Along the whole road beside the Yellow River, this is a place to feel the river wind and the runners will feel the scenic beside the river. At the same time, the runners can also view the charm of the Start of Life.



Chinese people are called the Descendants of Dragon. The Dragon’s Source is at the middle of the two Binhe road. This is the first park with the theme of Dragon. The Dragon in Chinese is written on the main status and supported by the other nine sides of dragon culture, such as words, poems, totem, letter, phrase, etc. 

Yellow River is running for years and dragon culture is in the water. Near the end of the race, we felt the charm of the dragon culture. 

With the reflection of the Dragon Source is Lanzhou Beilin, here is the famous inscription of Gansu province. Here are the Xixia stele from Han dynasty and Wei dynasty, and Zhenhai Temple stele from Han dynasty and Basiba words, etc. There are also much historical handwriting of figures.



At this stage, the runners began to sprint, however, you won’t miss the special scenic spot. After 38 km, the left side is a huge pseudo-classic architecture—Jincheng guan. This architecture is from Qin dynasty and strong in Xihan dynasty. The Jinchengguan is a significant defense line in the Qin dynasty defense system. 

At 39 km is the White Tower Temple and the mountain is the White tower mountain park. On top of the mountain, visitors can view the city of Lanzhou on the top. This grand beautiful picture became one of the symbols of Lanzhou. 



Finally, it will be the end of the race. For the convenient of the runners, the race track is gentle and mild. The flower, claps, and cheering will be at the main venue and the start/finish line. 

Running along the Yellow river custom line.

We hope runners can view the Lanzhou city and feel the Yellow river scenic from multi-angles and aspects.