The Hardest Gold Label Marathon to Reach Personal Best, Are You Ready?

After two weeks, the hardest Gold Label Marathon to reach Personal Best voted by domestic runners is going to start again.

Facing this marathon with the highest average altitude in China, are you ready?

Stepping into the “Double Gold” era, Lanzhou Marathon has become an important media product to help the world knowing this city more. However, facing the challenge brought by high altitude, runners are having difficulty to reach Personal Best in Lanzhou Marathon.

Lanzhou, a city that was built above 1500-meter altitude, brings marathon athletes a huge challenge every year. Besides dry weather and exposure to the sun, altitude sickness is also huge trouble. Recent years, honestly, many runners were aiming to reach their “Yellow River Personal Best” while failed and went back with regret because of altitude sickness and burning sun.

On the other side, the Lanzhou Marathon also attracts runners to challenge themselves because of its specialties. After all, runners will receive tremendous proud and honor once reaching PB here in Lanzhou. Even fail to reach Personal Best, runners will have a meaningful experience participating in this sub-plateau marathon.

In order to make this honor more memorable, Lanzhou will set a “PB Wall” for each athlete that reach their personal best in Lanzhou. By setting this “PB wall”, the organizer expects to deliver a marathon spirit of self-challenging and never giving up.

Of course, “Meeting a better self” is the primary intention for many Marathon runners to challenge Lanzhou Marathon. But for a lot of participants, coming from all over the world, it is their will to feel the passion around Yellow River, to experience the life of north-western cities and to enjoy the competition as an adventure.

Lanzhou Marathon has grown into a signature of Lanzhou, a symbol of “Silk Road” in the past 10 years. This competition is attracting more and more people to watch and participate.

On June 2nd, this festival for 40,000 runners will arrive in Lanzhou. No matter you are going to refresh your PB or experience the Golden City Lanzhou, get ready for it!