The medical care is now covering during the marathon in Lanzhou

There are only 12 days to “Bank of Lanzhou Cup”2019 Lanzhou International Marathon.

It is a dual challenge of both physical and mental strength for the athletes to participate in the marathon on the sub-plateau, average altitude over 1,500 meters,

In order to bring athletes a safety running environment, the committee highly recognizes the importance of medical and health security and will keep medical care at a high level during every stage of the competition.

On the day of marathon,Medical stations are set up every2.5km.Medicalvolunteers will be assigned every 100 meters,with a total of 500 medical volunteers.In addition, two more Traditional Chinese Medical physiotherapy stations will be set up,along with 36 ambulances and more than 200 medical staff.All ambulances and medical stations along the track.are equipped with AED.15 medical staff will be equipped with portable AED as a mobile unit of extra support 10 designated hospitals in the area will offer special clinic for athletes.Meanwhile, 2 medical expert groups and a professional infectious diseases control unit will be set up to guarantee the success of Lanzhou Marathon.

Kindly Reminders:

Marathon is meant to be a sport with the spirit of challenging yourself and never giving up.However, athletes should be aware to their own ability Athletes should be aware of the risk in this competition and their physical conditions.Please do not chasing PB regardless of adverse reaction of your body.If you feel any discomfort during the competition,please stop running and quit the competition immediately and seek for help from medical staff.We hope that every athlete can safely finish the whole competition and reach the personal best.