Public Collection of Lanzhou International Marathon Mascot

2nd April 2019, the public collection of Lanzhou International Marathon Mascot (Abbreviation: Lanma Mascot) will begin. Lanzhou International Marathon Committee (Abbreviation: Lanma Committee) invited public designer into this event. 

Lanma Mascot will be a significant part of the race brand and race scenery.

All people, legal person, an organization who are interesting in the design of mascot and following the rules of the collection can join into the activity as individual or group, and offer wisdom and energy to “Bank of Lanzhou” Lanzhou International Marathon. 


The requirements of Lanma Mascot Design 

1. Lanma Mascot should be agreed with the mission of marathon and shows the marathon spirit, which is insistence and never give up.

2. The Mascot should merge the development elements of Lanzhou, and shows the specificity of Lanzhou which also reflect the wish of Lanzhou International Marathon. The mascot should be fashion, special, elegant appearance, memorable, creative and easily recognize. 

3. The mascot should be adorable and lovely, can be fit into different cultures, different sex, and different ages, especially for children and teenagers. The mascot should have plasticity, creativity, and can be designed with different emotions, different poses which makes it has more vitality. 

4. The mascot should be satisfying the commercial requirements and can be used in different sizes (emblem and huge mascot scenic spot); satisfying different materials (metals or toys); can be used in any known and unknown area, media, format, and technology. For instance, T-shirt, backpack, mugs, and stationery; 2D or 3D animation (can be exhibited on television, internet, DVD, mobile phones); Visual-Reality, prints, audio-visual animation, broadcast, marks, games, decorations, or any other authorized productions and Lanma scenarios. The mascot should easy to show (while the mascot needs to enlarge, shrink, or shown as colorful or monochrome, just need some slight changes.)


Notification for the Design

1. The mascot should be designed originally, which means it can’t be any published mascot or other carton figures in any format of copy, change, redesign, and illation.

2. The mascot needs to different from other marathon mascots domestically or internationally. 

3. The mascot should have a name. The name needs to be original and show the concept of the design. The name also need to be applied for the Intellectual Property Protection, and cannot react any prejudice to the marathon value, cannot be related with religious, cannot have relevance or connection with the third party. Note: Although the application has been approved, the name of the mascot may not be kept as the final name. 

4. The mascot design cannot contain any detectable information of the designer. The mascot can have a fictitious background to mainly stating the mascot experience and characteristics, like brave, insist, positive, humor, etc. 



1. By the day of the announcement published, anyone can check the specific requirements from Lanma WeChat Official Account; (Reply “Lanma Mascot” in WeChat Official Account)

2. The application program needs to be fit in “Requirement” and “Notification”. It should be submitted to the committee in time. (After the publishing of this announcement and before the deadline)

Note: The design program should be composed with design paper, description, and an application program. 

1The application paper should include one or a group of mascot.

2The description should describe the basic design idea, process of design, concept of design and inspiration of design, which include the story of the mascot which should show the mascot’s style, characteristics, personality, relative merits, superpower, etc. 

3The design program should be the application paper which should contain the 2D and 3D design programs. The design program includes large and small designs, for example, the large flag, poster, emblem, or large and small toys. 

The applicants could submit the video material in the design program. (Not required) 

3. The applicant needs to submit the program to the committee by email, and the accept time/end time shall prevail as the receive time of the committee. 


Time and Mode

From: 2nd April 2019 10:00

To:  1st May 2019 17:00


Contact: 0931-8456217/400-1111-042

1. The program accepts time shall prevail as the committee receive time. 

2. Any changes will be announced on the Lanma committee WeChat Official Account. Please note the related information in time. 


Intellectual Property of Candidate and Selected Programs

1. The candidate applicant needs to sign the related agreement with the Lanma committee in required time and location within 30 days to agree the committee to use or change the application program and have the agreement with the intellectual property. For instance, if the applicant refused to sign the agreement upon, the committee will see the applicant as abandon, and the candidate program will be no longer used. 

2. For the selected program, the applicant shall move the related copyrights (including but not limited to copyright property rights, adjoin rights, derivative product and development rights) and patent rights (including but not limited to design patent application rights) , trademark rights (including but not limited to the right to apply a trademark) and all other intellectual property rights, intellectual property rights, ownership and all related derivative rights that are available and not prohibited by law in worldwide. The applicant would automatically and freely be transferred upon rights to the Lanma Organizing Committee (including other third parties approved by the Lanma Organizing Committee). The applicant who won finally should promise not to exercise and authorize the Lanma Organizing Committee to have rights to use the design permanently in the worldwide within the scope permitted by law. (including the third party which authorized by Lanma committee). 



The final selected program will be award 10,000 RMB (before tax).