“Bank of Lanzhou” Cup 2019 Lanzhou International Marathon Rules & Regulations

Ⅰ. Host

Chinese Athletics Association(CAA), Gansu Provincial Sports Bureau, Lanzhou Municipal People’s Government


Ⅱ. Organizer

Lanzhou Municipal Sports Bureau


Ⅲ. Co-organizer

Gansu Provincial Television Station, Air Traffic Control Branch of Gansu Civil Aviation, Gansu Provincial Radio Management Committee, Publicity Department of Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee, Lanzhou Municipal Civilization Office, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Education, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Public Security, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Finance, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development, Lanzhou Urban Management Commission, Lanzhou Municipal Traffic Committee, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Commence, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Lanzhou Municipal Health & Planning Commission, Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Lanzhou Market Authority, Emergency Management Agency, Lanzhou Communist Youth League Committee, Lanzhou Municipal Women's Federation,Lanzhou Daily, Lanzhou Municipal General Station of Radio & Television, Lanzhou Municipal Greening Command Headquarter of North &South Mountain, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Meteorology, Government of Chengguan District, Government of Qilihe District, Government of Anning District, Gansu Province Electric Investment Group, Reception Office of Lanzhou Municipal Government, Lanzhou Management Commission of  Yellow River Scenic Line, Lanzhou Power Supply Company, Lanzhou Bus Group, Lanzhou Branch of China Telecom, Lanzhou Branch of China Mobile, Lanzhou Branch of China Unicom, Lanzhou Branch of Gansu Radio & Television Network

IV. Operating Unit

Amazing China (Beijing) Sports Management Co., Ltd


Ⅴ. Date,Time and Venue

7:30 am. 2nd June, 2019  (Sunday),  Lanzhou, China


VI. Race Category

1. Marathon (42.195km): Men’s and Women’s 

2. Half Marathon (21.0975km): Men’s and Women’s 

3. Health Marathon (5km)

4. Family Run (5km)


Ⅶ. Route

1. Marathon: (START) Gansu International Convention & Exhibition Center (eastward) Yantan Yellow River Bridge (Crosee the Bridge) Nanbinhedong Road (westward) → Lanzhou Sports Park  Ping Sha Luo Yan → Zhonshan Iron Bridge (south)  Xiaoxihu Flyover (south)  Nanbinhezhong Road → Qilihe Yellow River Bridge (south)  Yintan Yellow River Bridge (cross the bridge)  Beibinhexi Road (westward) → Gansu Agricultural University  Gansu Provincial Forest Fire Corps (U turn) → Gansu Agricultural University →Yintan Yellow River Bridge (north) → Beibinhexi Road (eastward) →Qilihe Yellow River Bridge (north) → Xiaoxihu Flyover (north) →Zhonshan Iron Bridge (north) →Chengguan Yellow River Bridge (north) → Gansu International Convention & Exhibition Center (FINISH)

2. Half Marathon: (START) Gansu International Convention & Exhibition Center (eastward) Yantan Yellow River Bridge (Cross the Bridge) Nanbinhedong Road (westward) →Lanzhou Sports Park Ping Sha Luo Yan →Zhonshan Iron Bridge (south) Xiaoxihu Flyover (south) Qilihe Yellow River Bridge (Cross the Bridge) Xinxia shuiantiancheng of, Anning District (turning point)Beibinhezhong Road (eastward)→ Beibinhedong Road → Chengguan Yellow River Bridge (FINISH)

3. Health Run: (START) Gansu International Convention & Exhibition Center (eastward) →Yantan Yellow River Bridge (Cross the Bridge)  Nanbinhedong Road (westward) →Lanzhou Sports Park Ping Sha Luo Yan → Gansu Provincial Educational Department → Northern entry of Jinchangbei Road → middle section of Jinchangbei Road (FINISH)

4. Family Run: same as Health Run.


Ⅷ. Competition Method

1. The race is conducted in accordance with the latest Rules and Regulations of  Track&Field certified by CAA and 2019 Lanzhou International Marathon. 

2. Roll Call

Participants have to get ready separately one hour before the race. Elites runners are requested to present passports/ID cards.

3. Starting Order

Elite Runners start first, then followed by amateur runners (queue in each area against runners’PB), Half Marathon runners (queue in each area against runners’PB),Health Run, and finally Family Run. There is 20m-distance between each waiting wave.

4. Cut-off Time  

To ensure the safety and smooth, the closing time is set at each section along the course road during the race, close the traffic within limited time. After the cut-off time, the traffic will be unblocked at the corresponding sections. The participants should quit and exit from the course to avoid danger if they fail to finish within cut-off time, and get on aid vehicles to each the FINISH. 

Cut-off kms and Times are as follows:

5. Timing Method

    (1)The LOC (Local Organizing Committee) will provide dispensable chips for Marathon(42.195km) and Half Marathon (21.0975km) participants. 

    (2) One gun starts. 

    (3) Runners must go through all the timing reacting zones, includingthe  starting point, every 5km, turning points, and finishing point along the route. If any results of finishers at any timing point is missed before cut-off time would not be ranked.

    (4) No timing chips are provided for runners of Health Run and Family Run.

6. Deposit of Personal Belongings

Deposit place of Personal Belongings of Marathon runners is set in the the exhibition center , and half marathon deposit place is set in the storage car which is behind the assembly area. Participants should deposit personal belongings according to rules. The valuables (such as mobile phones, valid documentations, cash, bank cards, keys, i pads and cameras, etc.) should not be left in bags. The storage car of half marathon will leave away 15 minutes before the race. Participants should get back personal belongings at the deposit place before 11:30 (Half Marathon), 15:00 (Marathon) on race day. They may take back on the next day at the Organizing Committee office if fail to claim on time on race day. However, if participants do not take back personal belongings in three days, the Organizing Committee will dispose them as the unclaimed.

7. Beverage Station, Water Station, Refreshment Station, and Mist Station

(1) Drinking stations are located about every 5km from the Starting Point. There are one watering station located between every two beverage stations.

(2) Refreshments are supplied at 12.5km, 17.5km on half marathon course, and for marathon, they are set at 17.5km, 22.5km, 27.5km, 32.5km, 35km and 37.5km.

(3) Mist Stations are set at points of 26km, 28km, 29km, 32km, 34km, 36km, 39km, 41km.

8. For other detailed information, please refer to Participation Guidelines to be distributed when you collect race items before the race.

9. According to the the relevant provisions of IAAF and CAA,  doping test is going to be conducted among part of participants.


IX. Participation Method

1. Agelimit

    (1) Marathon: over 20 years old (born before Dec.31, 1999);

(2) Half Marathon: over 16 years old (born before Dec.3, 2003);

(3) Health Run: over 13 years old (born before Dec.31, 2006);

(4) Family Run: below 13 years old. Up to 3 participants from each family are permitted (including at least one guardian and one kid under 13, born after Jan.1, 2007). 

    (5) Notes of enrollment: Participants under 18 years old could enroll to participate in the race, against the Disclaimer Statement signed by their guardians or legal representatives.

    2. Health Requirement

    Marathon is an athletic sport of high load and great intensity of long distances. It is also a high risk athletic sport. Thus, it requires high physical conditions on participants. Participants should have good health and long-term running or training experience before decision. They must choose competition categories among Marathon, Half Marathon, Health Run and Family Run, according to their own health conditions and capability.

The patients having diseases/ conditions as below should not participate in the competition:

(1) congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease;

    (2) hypertension and cerebrovascular disease;

    (3) myocarditis and other heart disease;

    (4) coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia;

    (5) diabetes;

    (6) cold/flu two weeks before the race;

    (7) Pregnant ;

    (8) other diseases unfit for sports;

    3. Registration

    (1) Limit:v40,000: 13,000 for Marathon, 7,000 for Half Marathon, and 17,000 for Health Run, 3,000 for Family Run.

(2) Registration time for Each Category

Registration starts from 15:00 March 5th, 2019, and ends at 17:00 March 15th, 2019, You can log in our official website to submit your personal information, and LOC will confirm your participation status after draw conduction. (Please see more details in Registration Notification").

(3) Once participation is confirmed, race category could not be changed. No fee-refund in case of personal cancellation.

(4) For domestic participants (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan),  ID card of the second generation is required when register. For military personnel, Military officer Certificate or Solider Cards can be used for registration.

4. For foreign elite athletes, their management and registration shall be implemented in line with the rules on the management of Foreign Elite Athletes’ Participation in Chinese Marathons which is stipulated by CAA. .

5. Individual and group  participants should take charge of their own  transportation, accommodations and insurance fee, etc. 

6. Entry Fee

(1) Foreign participantsRMB 350 per person 

(2) Domestic Participants (Including those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) :RMB150/person for Marathon, RMB100/person for Half Marathon, and RMB60 /person for either Health Run or Family Run.

7. Payment Method (please refer to the Registration Notification for further information)

8. Requirements for participating in Marathon and Half Marathon

Participants who run marathons and half marathons must have experienced before in accomplishment of at least 42.195km and half marathon (21.0975 km) .

9. Race Items 

(1) Please watch on our official website and go to collect race items in    three days before the race, number bibs, timing chips, booklets of Registration Notice. .For further information, please refer to Collection Notice for Marathon Items

(2) The LOC has the right to disqualify the entry of the participants who do not meet requirements, and would not distribute race items, nor refund registration fees.

X. Rank and Award

    1. Marathon

    (1) Rank Prize (Unit:USD)

Top 8 winners would be listed and awarded as follows:

Note: Top 3 of Men and Women would be respectively awarded a trophy, a medal and a set of sports suit.

(2) Chinese Domestic Award (Unit: RMB)

Besides ranking awards, Top 8 of Chinese domestic men and women would be awarded according to the following prize structure.Gun time is used for rankings. 


Note: If one Chinese runner is listed in different awards, he/she would ONLY be awarded according to the highest rank and the structure accordingly, there is no repeated award

  (3) Award of Record Breaking:

 a. Breaking Marathon world record: 100 THOUSAND USD (Only No.1 is awarded in case there are top several runners braking world record meanwhile);

b. Breaking Lanzhou Marathon Record: 10 THOUSAND USD (Only No.1 is awarded in case there are top several runners braking world record meanwhile);

(4) Finishers within cut-off time can get a memorial medal and a towel, and the Result Certificate can be printed online on official website of Lanzhou International Marathon.

    2. Half Marathon

Rank Prize (Unit: RMB)  Net time is used for ranking. 

Top 20 of both men and women would be awarded as follows:

Note: Top 3 of Men and Women would be respectively awarded a trophy, a medal and a set of sports suit.

The participant who completes competition within the stipulated time can get a memorial medal and a towel, and the Result Certificate can be printed online on official website of Lanzhou International Marathon.

Finishers within cut-off time can get a memorial medal and a towel, and the Result Certificate can be printed online on official website of Lanzhou International Marathon.

3. No cash distribution on site. Race results would be posted on official website for one week for supervision by public. If there is no dispute, award money would be started to distributed, by bank transfer or collection on site. Winners from Lanzhou city outbound can prefer bank transfer. Lanzhou domestic winners can prefer this way or even come to Lanzhou Sports Bureau to collect on site, against valid ID cards. Ranks would be cancelled you fail to pass doping tests, and the rest ranks would not come forward. Chinese runners who win any above prize, would get RMB only, equals original USD prize. In addition, according to tax rules, 20% would be charged from what each winner obtain, in name of income tax of individuals;

4. Each participant who takes part in Marathon, Half Marathon, Health Run and Family Run will be rewarded a memorial T-shirt, bag for clothes, numberbib as well as books of Participation Guidelines. 

5. Participation Certificate will be issued by organizer to participants of Health Run and Family Run.


XI. Medical Aid

    1. The LOC will establish one medical aid station at each 2.5 kilometers along the course, with apparent signs 50 meters ahead of the station. Ambulances will follow the runners on the route.

2. Volunteersare ready at each 100 meters along the course to assist medical aid station staff and maintain race order. Runners may seek assistance from them if any problem occurs.


XII. Insurance

All the participants and working staffs are covered by Accident Insurance.   


XIII. Penalty

Video surveillance will be carried out by the LOC (Local Organizing Committee) at the START, the FINISH, and along the course of marathon and half marathon. Runners conducting the following violations would have their competition scores canceled, not allowed to participate in Xi’an International Women’s Half Marathon in the next 1 or 2 years, and would be reported to CAA (Chinese Athletics Association) for additional penalties. 

1. Enroll with fake age or identity.

    2. One runner carries two or more timing chips in the race. (Including male runners carry female runners’ chips)

3. Accomplish the game by relay.

4. Disobey the starting sequence and start running at the starting point for other events.

5. Start the race with rules violating.

6. Continue the race instead of stopping and quitting the event after the gate closing time.

7. Take a shortcut, jump into the race from halfway or take any transportation vehicles.

8. Not be able to follow rules to repeat through the end point; Not be able to finish the whole process through the end; Using number cloth in other events or the previous Lanzhou International Marathon Race, or not wearing the chip to complete the race and accept prices.

9. Alter or cover number clothes.

10. Refuse to follow instructions of working staff breach the racing order with riotous behavior or fight each other influencing the Race.

11. Uncivilized behavior (such as relieving the bowels, littering, etc.)

12. Perform any other act which violates the regulation.

13. Use false information to obtain entry qualification or transfer number cloth entry, once the Organizing Committee verify it, all the consequences of the race are at your own risk, and the LOC will give penalty to both the transferer and the transferee in Lanzhou International Marathon lifelong suspension;

14. Please strictly comply with Violate the rule issued by CAA: The Rule of Strengthening Sportsmanship and Discipline of Chinese Domestic Marathons and Related Sports Events. 


XIV. Technical official and Referee

Technical officeal and Referees are appointed by CAA and competition department of the LOC.

XV. Contact Us

Add: Zhongshan Mansion, 195# Qingyang Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu, China (Lanzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, ). Post code: 730030

Website: http://www.lzmarathon.com

Email: lanmazuweihui@163.com

Tel: 400-1111-042 /0931-8456217

 (Working hour: 9:00-12:00, 14:00-17:30)


XVI. Issues not mentioned here would be discussed later. The LOC has the explanation right of this REGULATION.