“Bank of Lanzhou” Cup 2019 Lanzhou International Marathon Registration Notification

I. Basic Information

 1. Date and Time: 7:30am2nd June 2019 

 2. Category: Marathon (42.195 km), Half Marathon (21.0975 km), Health Run (5

            km), Family Run (5 km)

 3. Limit: 40,000 People

               Marathon (13,000 People)

               Half Marathon (7,000 People)

               Health Run (17,000 People)

               Family Run (3,000 People)

II. Registration method and Process

1. Registration Method:

Please submit your personal information through the official website (http://www.lzmarathon.com) or designated registration channel during the registration period, and wait for the results of draw. (group registration are not acceptable for all categories)

2.Registration Process:


III. About Registration


(1) Registration time: 15:00, March 5th - 17:00 March 15th, 2019;

(2) The announcement of draw result: Mid April 2019

(3) Payment Time:

  1) If you obtain a permenent bib number: 10:00, March 17th - 17:00, March 18th, 2019;

2) If you get the green pass of registration: 10:00, March 20th - 17:00,March 21st,2019;

  3) If you win the draw: Mid April (Pay within 5 days since notified)

  4) If you win the draw of a second loop: Mid April (Pay within 3 days since notified)

2. Age Requirements:

(1) Marathon: over 20 (born before December 31st, 1999);

(2) Half Marathon: over 16 (born before December 31st, 2003);

(3) Health Run: over 13 (born before December 31st, 2006);

(4) Family Run: children are limited to be under 13. Up to 3 participants from each family are permitted (including at least one guardian (born before Dec.31st, 2001) and one Chin under 13( born after Jan.1st, 2007).

(5) Minors under 18 could participate in the race against the Disclaimer

Statement signed by their guardians or legal representatives.

3. Qualification requirement:

3.1 Marathon: All participants must have experiences of completing marathon 42.195 km (or more ) .

3.1.1 For Green-Pass runners who are/have:

 Elite runners invited by LOC and professional athletes;

‚Participated in any one edition of Lanzhou International Marathon from 2011-2018, with finishing time equals to/sub 3:30:00 for male, and equals to/sub 4:00:00 for female;

ƒ Obtained the permanent number bibs of Lanzhou International Marathon;

continuously participated and finished Lanzhou International Marathon within 2011-2018, for total 5 editions; Or with 2016-2018, for successive 3 editions,

Participated in the Class A races jointly organized by CAA (Chinese Athletics Association) with finishing result equal to/sub 3:00:00 for Male, and result   equal to/sub 3:30:00for female;

Failed in the draw in 2017 and 2018 in Marathon category of Lanzhou International Marathon and register again in 2019 Marathon category;

3.1.2 For Social Runners who

Participants who have participated in the marathon and finished within 6 hours. Random draw is used to determine final entry.

3.2 Half Marathon:

Participants who participate in the half marathon must have the experience of completing a half marathon (21.0975 km) or more.

 1) For Green-Pass runners who have:

participated in the half marathon category of 2018 Lanzhou Marathon, with the finishing time sub 2:30:00.

2) Social runners:

Random draw is used to determine final entry.

3.3 Health Run and Family Run

Participants who participate in health run and family run must have a long-term running exercise habit.

*Attention: Results of online marathons are not acceptable.

IV. Payment Method:

1. International: 350 RMB/person.

2. Chinese domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan): 150 RMB/person for Marathon , 100 RMB/person for half marathon, 60 RMB/person for healthy run and family run.

3. Payment method:

On the registration platform, you are welcome to pay via Alipay and WeChat;

V. Important matters

1.Please fill in the personal information and complete the registration. The Organizing Committee will verify the authenticity of your information. Any fake information would result in disqualification of your participation.

2. Those who use the false information to obtain the qualifications for the competition, transfer or use the non-current competition number, shall bear the responsibility for all consequences arising in the competition. After the violations have been verified and confirmed by the organizing committee, the offenders will be punished by the Lanzhou Marathon Lifetime ban and reported to the Chinese Athletics Association for additional penalties.

3. Inquiry:

0086-(0)931-8456217  (9:00-12:00, 14:30-18:00 in working days)

E-mail: lanmazuweihui@163.com