Chinese wisdom, International collision IAAF Global Running Conference China 2019 Press Conference Held in Beijing

On the afternoon of February 20th, the IAAF Global Running Conference China 2019 Press Conference was held in Beijing. The time, place, theme, and guests were released to the public. Mr. Alessio Punzi, IAAF Road Running Manager, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Athletics Management Center of the Sports General Administration, Ms. Wang Nan, Vice President of the Chinese Athletic Association, Director of the Social Activities Department of the Athletics Management Center of the Sports General Administration, and Deputy Director of the Chinese Athletic Association Mr. Shui Tao, Secretary-General, Mr. Liu Yanhui, Vice Mayor of Lanzhou Municipal People's Government , and other guests attended the conference.

It is understood that the IAAF Global Running Conference China 2019 is hosted by the International Association of Athletics Federations, organized by the Chinese Athletic Association and the Lanzhou Municipal People's Government, exclusive operated by Zhongji Sports Management Company. The meeting will open in May 30, 2019 to June 3 in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. This is the first formal meeting of the IAAF in China. The conference is the industry conference with the highest specification, participating countries and the largest number of people in the world road running field. It is also the highest level international road running conference held in China. At the same time, a time when 2019 Lanzhou International Marathon held during the meeting (June 2), guests will also observe the 2019 Lanzhou International Marathon.

IAAF Global Running Conference China 2019 under the theme of "road race sports boost urban development", the impact road race sports on the economy, society and environment will be a meeting to discuss the critical direction. At that time, officials from the International Athletics Federation and the Chinese Athletic Association will be invited to participate in the IAAF's more than 100 global gold, silver and bronze event representatives, as well as domestic road running race directors, road runners, media and other participants. More than 600 people are expected. The conference will be divided into three conferences, focusing on “the development of marathon tourism”, “how to build a running culture in the city”, “economic benefits of road running events”, and “sustainable organization for road running races hold” in the form of keynote speeches and group discussions. The meeting will invite Mr. Jens Jakob Andersen, founder and CEO of, to deliver a speech and publish the current global road running report.

The IAAF Global Running Conference was held in China. Ms. Wang Nan, Party Secretary of the Athletics Management Center of the State Sports General Administration and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Athletic Association, said that the Chinese marathon has flourished in recent years. By 2018, there have been 8 IAAF Gold Label races, four Silver Label races, two Bronze Label races, a total of 14 IAAF Label Races. The number of Gold Label races and the total number of Label races ranked first in the world. This road running conference will be an opportunity for deep integration and integration of Chinese wisdom and international ideas. This not only creates a better international platform for Lanzhou, but also brings more cooperation opportunities for the Chinese marathon. It is an opportunity for a domestic competition organizing committees to directly talk with the international competition organizing committee, also, which is a big party, big exchange for global road running industry.

In recent years, road running races in China to obtain a wide range of development. It has not only become an effective way to promote national fitness, but also to all aspects of the host city has brought improvement. In the speech of the Manager of Road Running in the International Athletics Federation, Mr. Alessio Punzi said that running brings a positive lifestyle to the city and encourages people to run. Running improves social cohesion, strengthens awareness of social volunteer service, and strengthens community neighborhood communication. It takes interaction to the city and enhance the city's appearance; running is the city's brand propaganda, through the three-hour TV broadcast and media publicity to show the city's unique landscape, humanities, and attract people to explore and enhance the city's influence; running to drive the economy, especially tourism development, with great direct and indirect economic influence, creating jobs. These issues will be discussed and shared in this session.

Liu Yanhui, deputy mayor of the Lanzhou Municipal People's Government, said that in recent years, with the implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” national strategy, Lanzhou has built a sports city based on the landscape urban landscape, focusing on the construction of ecological sports belts on both sides of the Yellow River and promoting the whole people. The fitness industry is booming. The success of the 8 consecutive years of the International Marathon has become the "Double Gold Event" of the IAAF Gold Label Event and the Chinese Althletic Association Gold Medal Event. Lanzhou International Marathon also challenges the marathon, surpasses the limits, is tenacious, never gives up. The spirit blends with the eternal Yellow River culture and becomes a unique marathon event brand in China. IAAF Global Running Conference China 2019 settled in Lanzhou, Lanzhou will make the old ancient city on the Silk Road this, brought out a new style, will further enhance the Lanzhou public ownership, and enhance the cohesion of the city, to promote the sport better and faster Lanzhou development of. It will play an active role in enhancing the international reputation and influence of "Lanma", improving the performance of the "Lanma" competition, and promoting "Lanma" to a new level.

It is worth mentioning that the 2019 Lanzhou International Marathon will start on June 2. The IAAF Global Running Conference will be held during the race of Lanzhou International Marathon. The conference will combine the Lanzhou International Marathon to organize event observations and exchanges. At the press conference, Mr. Shang Hushan, deputy director of Lanzhou Sports Bureau, also introduced the basic situation of the 2019 Lanzhou International Marathon. This year, “Lanma” will continue to use the theme of “Good Life to Start” as the theme of the event, to create the quality of the event with the “International Gold Label” standard, and to create Lanzhou’s annual “Sports Event” and “Citizen Festival”. Islamabad continue to maintain the current size of 40,000 people, of which up to 13,000 people a marathon, half-marathon 7,000 people, 17,000 people healthy run, home run 3,000 people. Continue to follow the racing track of 2018, from the end in Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center, the track along the riverside road north and south of the Yellow River shore two unfold, ran a hundred miles Lanzhou Yellow River Customs Line, the whole show Lanzhou attractions. In terms of awards, the current “Lanma” champion will receive a prize of up to 40,000 USD. At the same time, it will also increase the bonus of Chinese athletes, and will receive a reward of 50,000 CNY. The total prize money for the event will be as high as 1,680,400 CNY. The event will be launched in early March, using the reserve registration method. The direct passenger will also receive the “Self-Selection” service and obtain the exclusive custom bib number.