Eight years the golden city, double golden coming soon


The green Yin knot thick and beautiful cloudy sky, the Ancient Road Golden City Midsummer Day. In this morning, 2018 Lan Zhou International Marathon open in time at the Yellow riversides. Over 42200 athletes from more than 28 countries and regions including China, Ukraine, Bahrain, Ethiopia, United States, Kenya, etc, running by the name of the marathon, using their passion to show the charm of the city.

After more than 2 hours matching, the results for Mens in 2018 Lan Zhou international Marathon have come out. Kelkile Gezahegn Woldaregay from Ethiopia finished the full marathon in 2:11:00 won the champion of the game. Ernest Kiprono Ngeno from Kenya finished in 2:12:32 took the silver medal, and Alex Chepkwik Saekwo from Kenya finished in 2:13:01 as a bronze medal.

For women, the match goes more competitive, the first and the second performance about the same, these two athletes almost across the line at the same time. By comparing with their score by the judges’ department, the full marathon champion took by Merima Mohammed Hasen from Bahrain finished in 2:32:21.22 and the second one is Kebede Megertu Alemu finished in 2:32:21.96 from Ethiopia. The third one is Muluhabt Tsega Chekol from Ethiopia finished in 2:32:33.  

Chinese athletes also finished the full marathon very competitively. Men’s champion taken by Qiu Wangdong finished in 2:26:32, and woman’s champion finished in 2:38:26.

At the end of 2017, Lan Zhou International Marathon was honored golden label of IAAF and formally into “double golden time”. In 7 years ago, the ancient marathon ran into Lan Zhou, the old and magic city impact with marathon spirit in first time and burst out brilliant results. As the only marathon match running beside the Yellow River, Lan Zhou has been continuously improved the match levels, professionals, passions, styles, and charities at past 8 years, and all of these have been recognized by every perspective of the society.     

The Golden city Lan Zhou in June, greens by the riverside and comfortable winds. The marathon track maintains as the new one, wide and smooth, under the sky, millions of Lan Zhou citizens are welcome to everyone. Under the hardworking of all of the citizen, the city management including regularized, standardized, and the long-term phenomenon has improved brilliantly. Today, “Lan Zhou Blue” shows everywhere charming and gentle, the “new” city has prepared to welcome over forty thousands of runners come and feel. 

A powerful engine of change the city


In 2011, Lan Zhou decided to hold the first marathon game, by that time, the total number of marathon match in China were not over 30 in the whole year. Lan Zhou found out its inner function of the marathon that this sports match can connect the city and sports, and all of the city paid all attention to the preparation for this match. From 2011 to 2018, marathon and other connected activities over 1100 times, Lan Zhou marathon did not sink into the huge wave of the marathon in China, but used it’s creativity and hardworking continue improved itself and became the only 7 double golden label marathon match.

“Let Lan Zhou go into the world, let the world get realized, Lan Zhou”. This is the aim of first Lan Zhou marathon match, and this is also the real reason of why the city holds the marathon. In 2011, the city created “Lan Zhou speed” which rebuilds all 42.195 KM track within 43 days, and from decide to hold the match to successfully finished it, only took 6 months. The first marathon was the most unforgettable one, for instance, one thing that people talk about today is Lan Zhou athlete Jia ChaoFeng took the women’s full marathon champion compete with other top runners from Africa.

The first Lan Zhou International marathon inspired 18750 runners joined into the match, at the same year, the match was rated as “Best marathon game” and “Golden Label Race of CAA”. In 2012, the total runners increased to over 30000 people, 10000 people more than last year. To 2013, 43000 runners run beside the Yellow River, and in 2014, the Lan Zhou International marathon was rated as “Golden Label Race in CAA” and “Bronze Label Race in IAAF”. 

The 2015 Lan Zhou International Marathon match attracted athletes from Ethiopia, United States, Kenya, and other 21 countries and regions. 40029 runners joined into the game, the only number of participants were twice of the first year’s.

The application of 2016 Lan Zhou International Marathon began at 11th, April, and only after 36 hours, all applications have been done, that created the fastest Lan Zhou marathon application record.

At the end of 2017, Lan Zhou International marathon honored with “Golden Label Race of IAAF”, plus the “Golden Label Race of CAA”, Lan Zhou joined the “Double Golden Time”. The influence of “Golden Label Race of IAAF” for Lan Zhou cannot be ignored, the city of Lan Zhou burst out more passion and active under the marathon game. Lan Zhou marathon game as the city business card in the past 8 years, exhibit passion, and enthusiasm to people from all over the world. Marathon game as the window of the exhibition of the city, Lan Zhou showed more people the charm of the city and Chinese culture in western China; to attract more runners and tourists come and discover the “Silk Road City”.


Double gold first year, get point to be continue


As the only marathon game running beside the Yellow River in China, from 2011, Lan Zhou, a city contains diversity and eclectic, continuously improving its’ matching level and game service. Every factor in Lan Zhou international marathon together made the game became the “Double Golden Race” in only 7 years. The more people like Lan Zhou marathon, the harder for the application of the game. The number of participants from 18000 to over 40000, marathon seems to connect the city beyond language. In the game of 2018, Lan Zhou will use our charm of the city, show more attractions on the 7 years base and take more content to the participants.  

Today, we can see the Lan Zhou marathon game used all new mixed broadcast method including “International+Local+Internet+Entire people”. With the help of local TV station, people can watch the game live all over the country, the international broadcast covered over 120 countries and regions to push Lan Zhou marathon game into the world. With the internet streaming, people can use a mobile device to record the match, which added more colors and passion into the game aside Yellow river.         “Every time, the expectation is increasing. I expect to see the cultural and passion of western China. The charm of western China attracted me to come to the city again and again. Running the marathon is a strong factor that changed my lifestyle. After running marathon, my ill body keeps changing toward positive, I also got more friendships with other runners from all over the country, and everything is so positive. I learned many things more than before, and running marathon is greatly helpful to my life. I like it more and more.” This is a runner named Guo JingPing from Tai Yuan, Shanxi province who joined “Hundred Marathon Game” challenge, told the interviewer.

In the past 8 eight years, by the increasing of matches, more runners joined in the marathon. They showed unremitting and fearless on the marathon track earned people’s respect. Because of this, the committee of Lan Zhou International Marathon hope the people who are trying to challenge the “Hundreds Marathon” can earn the true honor, and the committee truly gives theirs activation best wishes. The committee said: “We hope everyone can enjoy the game on the most challenge race track and make the memory of marathon unforgettable.”

In this time, Lan Zhou marathon keeps working on the charity, corporate with China Welfare fund for the handicapped and Gansu disabled person’s federation initialed donation for disabled people, and level up the “Dream one Kilometer” to “Dream one Kilometer, Running with you”. Use the actual activity to react “Healthy China” policy, try to not let anyone on the road of health.

“ I hesitated to join Wenchuan marathon because I’m afraid to bother other people or I can’t finish the game. I was considering how can I looks like a normal people, but now, I'm not thinking about like that. I want to be different from other people. The disabled people cannot think about we are different, because the different thing is our experiences, and others cannot get the experience. We have to reach the next step forward.” Huang SiYu, a disabled person finished “Dream one Kilometer” told to the interviewer.

Improve environment and management

“Event like Lan Zhou marathon is a big test for the management of the city. By concluding the experience these years, our working is getting normally now.” The charger of the department of comprehensive law enforcement told the interviewer.

Lan Zhou marathon, in other meaning, pushes the city to rebuild the environment. From the end of 2011, a war of fight with atmosphere pollution begun, from industrial COD reduction, Coal reducing, Vehicle exhaust treatment, Secondary dust management and Ecological enhancement and decontamination total five ways, created the unique and brilliant “Lan Zhou Blue”. Lan Zhou became the fastest decline in air quality index in key cities in China, and this approved and recognized by the Chinese government and published “Lan Zhou Experience”. Lanzhou won the "today's progress in change award" at the world climate conference in Paris.

The charger in the department of comprehension law enforcement told the interviewer: “Lan Zhou marathon is like a child of our own, from born to growth, from the first application to hold to the golden label race, the event mixed our multi-departments’ forces and works. By holding the event, Lan Zhou has greatly increased the awareness and improved the clearance of the city appearance. At the same time, the other factors forced us to manage our city more regularly and more orderly. In these years, tourists from other countries keep increasing, this is not only the results of Lan Zhou marathon but also the works of multi-departments of corporations.

At the same time, marathon’s holding increased the level of city management and maintenance. By the chance of holding the event, Lan Zhou government continue developing the vision for sports, and keep improving the Yellowriver attractions, forced to build riverside attractions including “Sports Park”, “Marathon Park”, “Sports’ Culture Plaza”, “Riverside walkway”, “Bicycle Road”, and other convenient constructions. Those constructions improved city basic construction, level up the city’s comprehension function, and built the new vision of the city fit by visiting, working, and living.   

All direction keep reacting


In recent years, speed-working became the most popular sports in Lan Zhou, people can join in the big event such as jungle racing, and also can walk from home to working place as exercise. Many people have a rank score in the Apps of their smartphone, if you don’t have a good rank score, there might be a gap between you and your friends.

In a big data statistics, Lan Zhou marathon pushed the development of cultural and sports of the city great forward. During the 12th five-year plan period, the added value of the cultural industry in Lanzhou increased by 26.08% annually, 3.1 times that at the end of the 11th five-year plan period. The number of tourists in the city reached 41,226, with the total tourism revenue reaching 33.456 billion yuan, 4.6 times and 5.3 times as much as at the end of the 11th five-year plan. Lan Zhou marathon pushed the economic development and improved the function. Lanzhou's GDP grew at an average annual rate of 12.24% during the 12th five-year plan period, nearly double that at the end of the eleventh five-year plan period. During the 12th five-year plan period, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in Lanzhou increased by 14.14 percent annually, 2.11 times that at the end of the 11th five-year plan period. Three times in the city industrial structure from 3.07 to 48.09 at the end of the period of "11th five-year plan" to adjust than 48.84 2.68 than 37.34 then 37.34, the proportion of the tertiary industry increased by 11.14%, basically reached 60%, become the drive power of economic growth.

In addition to the international marathon held as an opportunity, according to the development of Lanzhou city landscape sports reality demand, further advance the style line of the Yellow River, strive to build "ring mother river landscape sports corridor", the implementation of the sports center, marathon park, cultural square, riverside fitness trails, bicycle lanes human engineering, improve the urban infrastructure, optimize the urban comprehensive function, shape the livable city new image of the appropriate industry appropriate swim. Driven by the marathon and other festival events, Lanzhou's urban civilization and people's happiness have greatly improved. Lanzhou city by CCTV "Chinese economic life survey" awarded "China top ten happy cities" fifth, in the crowd of citizens, to be happy, 54.94% higher than the national average of 3.82%.

By the opportunity of “One belt, One Road”, the blueprint of development for Lan Zhou has unfolded slowly. The city on the silk road faced new challenge and opportunity again. At the beginning before 8 years old, a new journey has begun.

Lan Zhou International Marathon, proved the city’s development, pushes the city move on. By the running year by year, the innovation time by time, over the countries and regions, over the nations and cultures, connecting the wold and blending the seas.

With the pace of marathon, let’s move forward!