“Double-golden, Double-heart; Shining medal on the Crown


With shining golden waves of the great and beautiful Yellow River and fascinating flavor of Beef Noodle; as well as the gorgeous and famous watercraft with the melodious sounds moistening our fields, numerous Taiping Drums were rung heavily and powerfully, and a sky-blue silk belt shows the Lanzhou's luxuriation. Every runner in 2018 Bank of Lanzhou Cup Lanzhou International Marathon Championship looks forward to winning the honorable medals.

For each Marathon runner, every challenge comes from their admits of the spirit of Lanzhou International Marathon Championship, which is Never Stop. They’ve overcome the challenges with sweat and efforts and developed admirable mind through it. In the year of 2018, Lanzhou International Marathon Championship was approved by IAAF and CAA with Golden label race separately, and with these approvals, the marathon also steps into the so-called “Double-Gold Time”. In the past 7 years, numerous runners shared the happiness and roughness of its growth, but they also complete their dreams of joining a Marathon race through it. Because of it, Lanzhou International Marathon Championship hopes to share its joy of stepping into the Double-Gold Time with every runner this year!


The mix of charms, a spirit of the city


The design of this year’s medals has lots of special points. The designer mixed the most representative of Lanzhou city image together and put the powerful and designer Yellow River wavy lines on the medal to let the hard embodiment of medals get layers of waves. The “double gold and double heat” are the highlights of medals design in this year, and the medals are designed in the form of two medals which with the outer medals embedded in the inner medals.  

Both the surface and inner walls of outer medals and inner medals are made of the gold frosted material which highlights both the “golden city” of Lanzhou and the “double gold” of Lan Zhou marathon’s achievements. In the outer medals, the designer mixed the Yellow River wave (Lanzhou is the only provincial capital which the Yellow River passes through the city, and the Lan Zhou marathon is the only marathon running around the Yellow river bank) and the modelling of Lanzhou beef noodle, and the event logo and slogan, “the better life, starting from running”, are engraved on the inner wall of medals. The theme of this event is “the better life, starting from running”, which expresses the humanistic connotation of Lan Zhou marathon brand and the devotion of Lanzhou people for the marathon.

The outer layer of medals is highlighted by the hollow design which can be opened. After opening it, a medal which embedded with the modelling element of the Lanzhou waterwheel and the Taiping drum is in there, this highlights the characteristic “the city of waterwheel” in Lanzhou and the moral of “a time of national peace and order (millennium)”, and the inner medals can be taken out and wear alone. This design makes the whole medal more than 400 grams weight. Almost 1 kg of medals will be the most important medal in the history of domestic(Chinese) marathon, and it also shows the significance of Lan Zhou marathon which is the youngest “double gold” events in China.

The design of “double gold and double heart” for two medals lets the person feel more hospitable. This design not only highlights the “double golden age” of Lan Zhou marathon but also emphasizes the idea of sharing. The runner can share one of the medals with their family, friends, or even the event service staff to not only express the thanks for the support, the payout, and the dedication, but also share the joy, happiness, glory, and the marathon spirit which is never stopping to influence people and let people support and participate in the marathon.

A hundred days, a sword and a sword come out


As early as February of this year, Lanzhou Marathon’s medal “Double Gold Double Hearts” went to design process. There is a tempering and persistence experience among the organizing committee. The medal design lasted for more than 3 months. During the period, the design team designed 13 different versions. Versions include traditional design elements of Lanzhou landmark, avant-garde concise design versions, and international flat design versions. After repeated arguments and comparisons by the organizing committee, two final medal designs were selected from the 13 design styles as final comparisons: one is a window with a traditional Chinese character “Lan” and can be opened and closed on both sides (It means that Lanzhou Marathon is the external display window of Lanzhou City); the second is the Chinese character “Ji”, which has similar shape to the Yellow River.

However, when creating molds for two designs, both of them encountered technical problems that were difficult to solve and were still not satisfactory after more than 10 days of repeated adjustments. As the game approaching, the final ordering time is imminent. The design team and the ZhongJi Company executives urgently held a meeting overnight. They have to give up the original two designs and discussed the new plan through the telephone conference. After two consecutive days of brainstorming, the creative concept and design prototype of "Double Gold Double Hearts" was initially formed. In order to shorten the confirmation cycle of mold samples, the design team and the executives from Zhongji have flown to two production plants in Guangdong and Zhejiang. They stayed in the factory to discuss the production process repeatedly, in order to confirm the final production for the first time.

Finally, after half a month of intensive work, the medal was produced as scheduled and presented to runners. As one of Chinese poem said: "A hundred days lek heart grind a sword, a thousand calls start to come out." Although the entire medal design process took a series of twists and turns, and the new design version also greatly increased the production cost, with attitude of excellence, responsibility for the races and runners, the spirit that the marathon never gives up, the completion of the current Lanzhou Marathon medal “Double Gold Double Hearts” is priceless, aim to be an unregretful memory and a pleasure to runner.

Lanzhou is the only capital city in China that Yellow River crossed through. On the banks of the Yellow River, there is such a race track and an event—the Lanzhou Marathon. Those who have run through Marathon may have the feeling that this is not a marathon that only belongs to runners and organizers. It is a festival that belongs to the entire city of Lanzhou. Medals are more than rewards for brave people. They are shiny business cards for this city.