Lanzhou Lily

Lanzhou Lily is a special product of Lanzhou City, which is also a Chinese National Geography product. It tastes very sweet, has few fibers, and has no bitter taste. Lanzhou’s lily is large in size and white in color, and it is the only edible sweet lily in the country.

Yongdeng Kushui Rose

Yongdeng Kushui Rose is a special product of Yongdeng County, which is also a Chinese National Geography product. Kushui rose is a natural hybrid of blunt-toothed rose and Chinese traditional rose, one of Chinese four major rose strains, the world's rare plateau selenium-enriched rose variety. In 1984, the Lanzhou Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee decided that the Kushui rose was Lanzhou’s City Flower.


Niangpi is one of the unique flavors of the northwest China. This snack tastes delicious and refreshing. While eating the snack, cut a big sheet of Nangpi into thin strips, put a few pieces of steamed, sliced gluten, topped with chili oil, vinegar, minced garlic, soy sauce, mustard and other ingredients. The color is pleasing to the eye, and its scent is tempting. If you can eat a plate of Niangpi in the hot summer, you will feel really refreshed, and your appetite will increase a lot.

Three tables tea

The Three tables tea originated from the Tang Dynasty and was introduced to the northwest during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It formed a unique tea with strong local characteristics. The tea set is exquisite and compact. It consists of three parts: tea cover, tea bowl and tea tray, so it is called “Three tables tea” or three bowls of tea. It is made of fine chrysanthemum, Fujian longan, Xinjiang raisin, Gansu Linze jujube, Dry litchi, and high-quality sugar. In the hot summer, drinking a bowl of tea is better than eating a watermelon. In the winter, the northwestern people got up in the morning, sitting around the fire, baking a few pieces of glutinous rice, or eating some Sanzi, always "scraping" a few bowls of tea. Say drinking with the bowl, that is an extension of leisure, chat, and customs. When drinking, you must drag the bowl and use the other hand to gently scrape the tea leaves floating in the bowl into the bowl lid. Use the bowl lid to pour out the tea. Therefore, the three tables tea are also called "scraping bowls".

Jiangshui Noodles

In the summer, the hottest time, many Lanzhou people want to eat the Jiangshui Noodles. Many noodle shops have hanged the signboard of the Jiangshui noodles + pig's trotters + ribs. When people walk into the store, the guys will first come out with a pot of Jiangshui to let you quench your thirst and then slowly order. A bowl of Jiangshui went down, and the summer heat disappeared, and the appetite was refreshing.

Lanzhou Beef Noodles

Lanzhou beef noodles began in the Jiaqing period of Qing dynasty. Gansu Dongxiang people Ma Liuqi was studied the old beef noodle soup from the Chenzijing Department of the Guozijian University in the village of Suzhai Village, Huaiqing Prefecture, Henan Province. After the innovation and improvement of Chen’s descendant Chen Hesheng and Hui chef Ma Baozi, “One transparent (Soup), two white (radish), three green (coriander garlic), four red (spicy), five yellow (slender yellow, Bright) "Unified the standard of Lanzhou beef noodles. In the long years after more than 200 years, Lanzhou beef noodles have been well-known in the world and are known as “the first noodle of China”.

Hot winter fruit

The north wind blows snow flowers,

A pot of fruit a pot of fire.